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Movie inspired previews from Planet Pulp’s upcoming art show, RED. Opening July 5th at the Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook.

Terminator by Samuel “Sho” Ho / Blog / Tumblr

Sunshine by Tim Anderson / Blog / Store

2001 by Adam Juresko / Tumblr / Store

28 Days Later by Chris Garofalo / Tumblr

Hellboy by Paul Shipper / Store / Tumblr

DREDD by David Moscati / Tumblr / Store

Maybe it’s Cause I’m Irish by Ian Glaubinger / Website / Store 

I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way by Jason Liwag / Store / Tumblr

The Shining by Christian Garland


more amazing environments concepts from The Last of Us game.

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scenery from Howl’s Moving Castle

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Toonville Visitor Series by Red Little House / Tumblr

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